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MESA Engineering Program (MEP)

MESA Engineering ProgramMESA Engineering Program
Assisting historically underrepresented students pursue studies in mathematics, engineering, and science.

MESA Engineering Program
SFSU School of Engineering
1600 Holloway Avenue, SCI 170A
San Francisco, CA 94132

Phone: (415) 338-7738
Fax: (415) 338-0525

What is MEP at SFSU?

Students can find a strong base of support in MEP while pursuing their degrees in SFSU's School of Engineering. MEP recruits historically underrepresented students into SFSU's engineering program. Throughout their studies, the women and men in the program receive academic support and personal counseling to keep them on track toward their degrees. MEP helps participating students graduate and enter the job market with the skill and confidence they need to succeed as engineers. Often alumni professionals augment the program by serving as primary role models for students who are beginning to plan their future.

What about after graduation?

Engineering firms throughout the Bay Area maintain a close association with SFSU's School of Engineering students, and graduates are actively recruited. Many major firms participate on the School of Engineering and the MEP Industry Advisory Boards. The guidance and support provided by these firms enables MEP to strengthen its program to help students graduate and develop engineering careers. Our graduates leave SFSU prepared to choose from a variety of worthwhile local job opportunities.

MEP Services and Student Activities

  • Scholarships: The MEP Office maintains current information on scholarships and grants available to students from a variety of organizations and companies. MEP has provided as many as 20 scholarships ranging in value from $500 to $2,500 through the generosity of its industry sponsors.
  • Jobs and Internships: MEP is an important source of employees for many private companies and public agencies. MEP places students in internships and part-time/temporary positions that provide practical experience and a foot in the door.
  • Career Advising: Industry mentors, field trips, job shadowing, career fairs and internship opportunities expose students to a wide variety of engineering, math and science careers.
  • Tutoring: The purpose of tutoring is to assist students in overcoming specific deficiencies in the subject areas of their academic programs and to aid the student in their development of proper study skills and increase the effectiveness of the time that they spend studying.
  • Study Center: The MEP Study Center is conveniently located in the School of Engineering in room 150 of the Science Building. The location is near faculty offices, labs, and classrooms. This is the place where students work together and receive tutoring. Additionally, tutors and faculty may lead MEP workshops in the Study Center.
  • Academic Excellence Workshops: Regularly scheduled supplemental classes teach students to work together to master challenging material. And, students are enrolled in the same math and science classes to enhance the opportunity for group study.

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